Dangerous chemicals like pesticides and consumer products can result in toxic exposure, causing serious illnesses and injuries. If you or a loved one has been seriously harmed as a result of exposure to a dangerous substance, it is essential to have an experienced toxic tort attorney in your corner.

At Wool Trial Law LLC, we represent clients in toxic tort claims around the country. When groups of people are harmed by toxic exposures, we work to hold negligent parties accountable and help victims obtain just compensation. Lead attorney David Wool has extensive experience litigating toxic substance mass torts and a demonstrated track record of success in state and federal court.

Given the complexities involved in toxic torts and the scientific evidence necessary for a successful outcome, it is crucial to have the informed representation we provide. Our attorneys will assess the merits of your claim, determine the best course of action, and fight to protect your rights. Contact our Denver office today for a free evaluation of your case.

What Is a Toxic Tort?

A toxic tort is a legal claim that can be brought on behalf of individuals who have been harmed by exposure to dangerous substances. Often, when a large group of people alleges that exposure to the same toxic substance has caused their injuries or illnesses, the claims are typically brought as a class-action lawsuit or as consolidated lawsuits referred to as multi-district litigation (MDL).

Toxic tort claims typically arise in the following situations:

Occupational exposure

Industrial workers can be exposed to toxins at relatively low levels over many years or at high levels for a short period of time. One example of toxic exposure on the job is asbestos at construction sites and shipyards resulting in mesothelioma (a form of lung cancer). Also, Benzene, which is used in manufacturing plastics, pesticides, lubricants, and many other products, has been linked to cancers, anemia, immune deficiencies, and reproductive problems.

Chemical dumps

Chemicals dumped at sites in areas where high rates of cancer, birth defects, and other illnesses have been found, including Superfund sites designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are the basis for many toxic torts.

Consumer products

Lead materials in children’s toys and paint products and toxic exposure caused by home garden pesticides often result in toxic tort claims.

Regardless of the dangerous substance that has caused your injury or illness, our toxic tort lawyer has the skills and determination to win your toxic tort lawsuit and provide meaningful compensation.

Who is Liable in Toxic Tort Cases?

Determining who to sue in a toxic tort case can be complicated. For example, plaintiffs in a pharmaceutical mass tort may have taken a drug that was manufactured by several pharmaceutical companies. Similarly, in an environmental mass tort, several companies may have been dumping hazardous substances in the same area.

In any event, a toxic tort claim can be filed against any party that has a possible link to the dangerous substance, including:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of chemicals that cause harm to workers
  • Companies that stored chemicals or dumped hazardous substances
  • Manufacturers of pesticides that failed to warn users of the danger (e.g. Roundup)
  • Owners or lessees of property at which the victims were exposed to toxins

In many cases, tracing the source of the dangerous substance that caused the injuries or illnesses can be complicated. Moreover, illnesses caused by toxic exposure may not surface until years after the exposure. Ultimately, it takes an experienced toxic tort lawyer to prove that a specific substance manufactured or distributed by the defendant caused harm to the plaintiffs.

Industrial workers in PPE

What We Need To Prove Your Toxic Tort Claim

To have a successful claim, we must be able to prove:

  • The substance was hazardous
  • You were exposed to the hazardous substance
  • You suffered an illness or injury after the toxic exposure
  • Exposure to the substance caused your illness or injury
  • You suffered actual damages as a result of the toxic exposure

At Wool Trial Law, we have the knowledge and resources to handle toxic tort litigation. These claims are labor-intensive, requiring extensive research, discovery, and factual analysis. By collaborating with a respected network of experts in various fields, we will gather evidence and prepare scientific studies that link your illness to the hazardous substance in question.

We are well-prepared to counter the defenses of large corporations and their attorneys who may attempt to refute the evidence and deny liability for the harm you have suffered. Above all, we will handle your claim with care and diligence and fight to protect your rights.

Workers in coveralls inspect shipment of barrels

Damages We Will Fight For

Our toxic tort lawyers will help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. Depending on the circumstances you may be able to recover compensatory damages such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Present and future lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Permanent disability/disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If we can prove that the defendant’s conduct was egregious or illegal, you may also be awarded punitive damages that are intended to punish the defendant’s misconduct and deter others from similar wrongdoing. No amount of the money can undo the harm you have endured, but you deserve compensation for all your future medical and financial needs.

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