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Study Links Monsanto’s Roundup to Children’s Liver Disease

A new study was released earlier this year associating Roundup risks with children’s liver disease. The Bayer-owned Monsanto Roundup herbicide is the subject of lawsuits filed nationwide. The lawsuits allege that the manufacturer failed to warn of Roundup risks and other negligence and wrongdoing. Now, this new study could provide the basis for additional Roundup lawsuits. In this article, a Bayer-Monsanto litigation attorney will walk you through the study.

How Was the New Roundup Research Conducted?

The study was published in the Environmental Health Perspectives medical journal on March 1, 2023. The study included 480 children and their mothers from the Salinas Valley. Roundup is used extensively in this dense agricultural region. Researchers focused their study on Roundup used near the homes of the test subjects. The study monitored the group from when the mother was pregnant until the child was up to five years old. 

The researchers tested the children to measure AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid), glyphosate, and other chemicals in their urine. AMPA is a chemical created when glyphosate (the herbicide in Roundup) degrades. The researchers continued to monitor the children’s metabolic and liver health through their 18th birthdays.

Exposure to Roundup Associated with Children’s Liver Disease 

After analyzing the data, the researchers found that children with higher levels of glyphosate and AMPA had a higher risk of metabolic disorders and liver inflammation when they became adults. A metabolic disorder can occur when the pancreas, liver, or some other organs do not function normally or become diseased. Diabetes is an example. The research also revealed a link between the use of Roundup and heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, liver cancer, and other long-term health complications.

Researchers concluded that the previous research on glyphosate found in Roundup focused on the chemical being a possible carcinogen for humans. However, this study focuses on the effects of glyphosate exposure on the liver and metabolic disorders. Further investigation is needed to examine this link between glyphosate and severe health conditions and diseases.

Roundup Lawsuits Seeking Compensation for Damages Caused by Roundup Exposure

Some research and studies link a risk of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with Roundup exposure. A study also found glyphosate exposure increased the risk of developing thyroid cancer. Numerous studies over several decades have found this link between glyphosate exposure and the risk of cancer. The IARC of the World Health Organization has classified glyphosate as a possible human carcinogen. 

Monsanto manufactured Roundup originally. Bayer AG purchased the company in 2018. Both companies allege that the herbicide is safe for you and does not increase a person’s risk of cancer. 

Roundup lawsuits allege various causes, including failure to warn of potential risks, misinterpreting safety data, false advertising, and other charges. If a person proves their case, they could receive economic and non-economic damages for financial losses, pain & suffering, and other harm caused by Roundup exposure.

Do You Have a Roundup Lawsuit?

If you are unsure whether your situation meets the criteria for filing a Roundup lawsuit, contact our Roundup lawsuit attorneys today for a free consultation. We’ll analyze your situation and provide advice about your legal options. If Roundup caused your cancer or other health conditions, you deserve fair compensation for the harm you suffered.